Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Tuesday February10

After the always enjoyable coffee, scone and natter at Cley Centre with J and D, we had some time to spare before my medication review appointment in North Walsham. A peer over the wall near the Crown pub on Sheringham town front was again fruitless apart from 2 Turnstones. 
We decided to walk a little further, as far as the steps with the incredibly good fishermen painting on the wall at the bottom. It is so 3D. Pam's photo.....

Success. A lone Purple Sandpiper was just below us, feeding on the low heap of  algae covered rocks. Pam rushed back for our cameras. I saw that the bird took no notice of passers by on the lower level so we went down to take a few photographs. 
Conditions are never to my satisfaction......certainly not on a dull, grey February day, dark rocks against a foaming white sea, breaking on the shore. Against the light too. A lot to expect of any camera. I am reasonable satisfied with the results but would wish that the whole bird was sharper.

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