Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Tempered Joy

Saturday July 4

Written on the 7th....
It is not unusual to find 'new' moths in the trap at virtually every opening. Saturday morning, after a muggy night with overcast, the trap was heaving - literally. Every time I carefully lifted the cardboard covering the opening, moths escaped. Very frustrating. 
About half way through, one of the egg boxes had a very pale moth with dark streaks. I thought it might be a Leopard Moth but it wasn't.  As the moths were still very lively, Pam and I took a couple of photos before the beast departed - in a hurry. Couldn't re locate it either.
Later on, whilst identifying my photographs, I couldn't find anything on the Norfolk website nor the books which matched exactly.
I posted a photograph on the Norfolk Moths Facebook page and waited. Chris Knott and Jim Hypperson both thought that it was a Speckled Footman, a Red Data Book species and an immigrant - A 1st FOR NORFOLK. Waw. Novice moth-ers trapping in their back garden! Almost unfair.

I am still not happy about not being able to share such a good moth with our moth-ing friends.

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