Sunday, 13 January 2013

Felbrigg Dip

Sunday January 13

Four days since it last rained. The woodland path down to Felbrigg Lake is renowned for boggy sections, it might be OK to-day. It wasn't too bad but we had to negotiate several morasses. Very disappointing. Very few ducks let alone Mandarins. Only four Mute Swans too, there are usually teens of them, including an over summering Whooper. No sign of that either.
There were some excellent fungii though and several Cormorants flew in to roost in a dead tree. This kept us occupied whilst waiting for something to make an appearance. Three Great Spotted Woodpeckers had a drumming competition in the distant trees.

Probable Lumpy Bracket - fresh

Smoky Bracket

Lumpy Bracket

Digiscoped Cormorant

Now all; I need is someone to identify the fungus...

Thank you very much James E who identified these for me - and let me know. Much appreciated.

Eventually we tired of the cold mossy bench and the slight but cheek-biting wind and returned to  find Man U had beaten Liverpool 2-1. Three more points.

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  1. Hi.
    The bracket in the third photo, and probably the first photo as well is Lumpy Bracket (Trametes gibbosa). It starts white but an algae grows on top of it, turning it green. I think the brackets in the second photo are Smoky Bracket (Bjerkandera adusta).