Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Garden Bully

Wednesday January 23
Much of the snow has dissipated but there's enough to well cover feeding areas for birds.Our first garden Brambling - a female - dropped in to-day, a Snipe probed the mud at the edge of our dyke.
The garden was a constant flurry of movement from feeding birds, many of them regularly seen off by a single very handsome Fieldfare which is owning the territory. He's seen off the other two but the Blackbirds keep coming back - they can get into the ground cage to feed.
As a result of avoiding a game of Rummykub with our 93 year old neighbour - Pam told a lie - we drove to Winterton this afternoon so that it became a truth. She already had someone coming over so I didn't feel too bad. I really enjoy playing games.......
The whole day was plumbeous, a louring sky and temperatures of 1C made the outing very dimpsy and much later than the watch showed. We saw nothing on the way there, couldn't park at Winterton Beach, turned round and arrived at Horsey Mill in time to see a Hen Harrier being bombed by a male Peregrine. Good to be out.

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