Saturday, 12 January 2013

Where is Ormesby Little Broad?

Saturday January 12
Despite its name, Ormesby Little Broad cannot be approached from Ormesby. It's an extension of Filby Broad, parking near Filby Bridge and walking north. It's a corner of Ormesby Broad which extends into Great Broad - all the same body of water. Very confusing, why  label one body of water with five names?
Viewing from the platform at the northern end, through fencing and reeds in dull light was difficult. I set up my scope where I could view the ducks in front of a distant boatyard in the NNE corner. Most were Tufted Duck with a scattering of Goldeneye. I found an interesting looking bird and tried to describe its whereabouts to the three others present. It was very active, rarely coming up for air for more than a few seconds. Cue extreme irritation. I like men in general but a certain kind of male birder can really get me going - internally mostly ! I was told that there were Goldeneye in that area.... then that female Goldeneyes often have a white patch at the base of the peak.......Condescending know-all prat. End of my instructions. The bird I saw was slightly larger, had pale side panels/back (not white yet), a bigger head and beak i.e. the 1st winter male Scaup reported from the area.
Whilst watching, a female Smew splashed into my scope view. Jammy.
Great Crested Grebe was added in the side channel on the return walk. Three Fieldfare flew across the road just before Repps and a Greater Spotted Woodpecker perched on top of a tree near Ingham .

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