Monday, 21 January 2013

Snowy Garden

Monday January 21

We've had about 6 inches of snow over the last few days, much less than many others but enough to make the garden and trees look lovely. The first fall was last Wednesday, much of it had disappeared by yesterday afternoon. As the roads were clear, we drove to North Walsham to stock up on milk and fresh vegetables for us and currants, suet, cheap apples and bread for the birds.
A further fall yesterday evening made all look good again, the strong wind had thrown the snow on the eastern side of the trees without any drifting in our sheltered garden.
I made some more 'cake' to put in our cage ground feeders - large holed one for the blackbird family and a small one for the tits and finches. Pheasants and Moorhens patrolled longingly outside - Pam sprinkled a mixture of seed and nuts for them too. We had two Fieldfare, one Redwing and two Song Thrushes at the feeders on Saturday, to-day a single Fieldfare only along with a minimum (feeding at one time ) of ten Blackbirds. The Fieldfare really enjoyed the apple halves tied to the cage - it wouldn't venture inside. Too big for the holes? Or, not accustomed to one. Pam boiled up our remaining small potatoes from this year's crop but I haven't seen anything eat them yet. It's fun experimenting though. We shall do the RSPB garden bird count next weekend as usual, It will have to be Sunday as we have a friend's birthday lunch in Dedham on Saturday. I hope we can make it, very low temperatures expected but there should not be much - if any - more snow. So they say.........

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