Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Bye Bye Bryher

Tuesday October 15
We woke to a light drizzle and wet paths, what a novelty. Having packed and made use of the excellent WiFi to read Emails, we breakfasted at 8.45. Apart from Pam's dislike of the overdone (for her) granary toast, another very good meal. The food is impressive.
Pam had expressed a wish to take the afternoon boat but I demurred. Bryher is described as a 'walker's island' and I no longer am. It's very rugged and most paths seem to go uphill, steeply. Very few birds too.
An extremely low tide meant using the quay that used to be called Annequay after Anneke Rice. It had to be partially re-built and changed its name. The Firethorn had to take a very slow and circuitous route through the shallow water back to Mary.
Back at the flat, we unpacked, sorted ourselves and then went to the allotment area of Peninnis in the hope of a Wryneck. We met Betty on the way, they now stay at the top of Buzza. Fortunately, the Wryneck was showing well on the densely shrubbed hillside above the children's play area. I was able to fire off a few shots.

After a chat with Pat, Reston had steamed off to take photos, we returned to Portcressa and lunch at Dibble and Grub. The best sandwich we've ever eaten out. A very thick layer of Egg Mayonnaise with a generous sprinkling of small chunks of thick crispy bacon in extremely fresh bread. All eaten sitting outside  in  warm sun, watching Sandwich Terns and Gannets fishing in the afternoon sun-silvered bay.
Sandwich Terns on a rowboat in Porthcressa Bay
After some essential shopping in the one and only small supermarket, the Co-op, we returned to the flat in time to see the only Black Redstart on the islands, flitting about the beach below our window.I took a couple of shots out of the window before it flew off east.
Marj and Jen started birding after watching Turnstones fossicking amongst the seaweed below the flat. They were there again to-day.
The big CB news at the moment, setting birders rushing off - except for us - is a Richard's Pipit on Halangy Down. It's leading them a merry dance. I'm always reminded of my puzzlement, many years ago, when seeing Dix Pipit written on the sightings board outside the Porthcressa Inn. Seems fine now, but it took a day or two for the penny to drop.
England's last match to qualify for the World Cup to-night, against Poland. Hope the result is better than the last time we played them in a decider, when their goalkeeper, who played a blinder, was described as a clown by Brian Clough. I remember it well.

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