Thursday, 17 October 2013

Very Little

Thursday October 17

Very little done, very little seen, very little to report.
Stayed in bed late, reading, it's the only comfortable place in the flat. The chairs and sofa are excruciatingly uncomfortable for even a short time.

I did some laundry, Pam used the dancing spin dryer, time for lunch at Dibble and Grub. The pager asked all birders to stay away from Old Town church this morning, as there was a funeral. Most of the attendees were at Porthcressa in their black or purple smarts.We had a delicious home-made burger, the food is good here, the view as good.
We walked about the Little Port area, seeing nothing, enjoying a chat with Betty and Steve. They hadn't gone for the Pallas's Gropper either. Betty likes at visit all the islands every trip, they'd been to St Martins and seen no birders at all.
The Co-op for essentials, time to batten down for the evening.


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