Sunday, 20 October 2013


Saturday October 19

Waking to heavy rain pounding on the flat roof over the bedroom and a dimpled sea, I phoned to cancel the cart booked for to-day. Which turned out to be a mistake. After yesterday’s almost constant rain, we expected the same after last night’s forecast.
By 10 o’clock, the sky had cleared, the sun shone and we had another beautiful, upper teens, sunny day. We’ve had our best October weather ever = a paucity of birds. But.... the islands look lovely.
When did I last walk King Edward’s Drive on Peninnis and only see a few Sparrows, Starlings, one Blackbird and a Wren ? Until we got to the very confiding summer plumaged Snow Bunting feeding along the path. 

Many photos later, most of them trashed as he was feeding in dappled shade and amongst bramble and grassy tufts, we sat in the seat at the end, enjoying the view of the airfield. The tide was coming in again, fountains of spray cascading over exposed rocks. Gannets fished in Old Town Bay and then glided past the lighthouse, two Rock Pipits careered madly about, why no Stonechats this year? Nor chaffinches ! We did see one Greenfinch on the walk back. We’d intended walking down to Old Town Cafe but could not see any heads in the outdoor sitting area. Closed again - as they were last Saturday. 
Buzza Hill down to Porhcressa in Hughtown was steeper than I remembered, a real penance for my knees. We sat on a bench half way down, admiring another great view and taking some photographs.

Porthcressa beach and Hughtown from the south. Our flat is on the northerly sidof this narrow sandy neck. The twin mounds of Samson can be seen across the water.
Betty came plodding up to their hired house on top. Soon after she stopped for a chat, a Peregrine came into view, almost overhead, and then hovered. What a treat. Superb against the pure blue sky. Shame I couldn’t find it in my viewfinder.
Dibble and Grub was.....closed! 3.00 p.m. and no lunch at all.
Mumfords was ......closed. 
Papers, and then a drink and snacks back at the flat. 
I haven’t been able to get online at all to-day, a real bummer.
Sunday I'm on.....had enough internet last night - about 1 minute - to paste the acccount and then nothing again. Will now try to post some pics.

Hottentot Fig, this flower is wild on the islands

I have to take at least one pic of Pam when she's not looking. She thinks she looks like 'a poor old b.....r ' here

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