Monday, 14 October 2013

To Hell and ......Back To-morrow

Monday October 14
Happy Birthday Pam. Up in time to open all her lovely cards before it was time to leave for the Health Centre so that I could have my eight stitches removed. All done, quick and painless. I'd spread some Savlon on the wound this morning and last night to soften the scabs.The nurse suggested Vaseline to keep the scar supple and commented on what a neat job had been made of it.
I'd booked a birthday surprise, 1 night dinner BandB at the Hell Bay Hotel, Bryher, prompted by the fact that many places on Scilly are closed for the winter, or not open on a Monday. We took the 12.30 on Firethorn, the Bryher/Tresco boat not one of the Boating Association ferries. All the islands seem to have their own fast ribs now too. A minibus and trailer met us and drove us up the very rough and narrow track to the Hotel.
Our suite with a sea view is called Swift. From the outside it's grey stuccoed,  part of a row of four, reminiscent of elderly council houses, set in lovely gardens.

'Swift' - our room is downstairs - one of the less expensive !!
The inside is a roomy 'suite' - open plan - consisting of a  well appointed bedroom, sitting room and a two wash basin bathroom.

These rooms are more expensive - that's ours, back right
Lunch finished at 2 p.m.  and there are no buggies for hire. We'd planned to go elsewhere to eat if there were. We both ordered a sandwich, me Yarg and pickle, Pam, Coronation Chicken. Very ordinary. I hope that the dinner is better.
A short exploratory walk took us down through the gardens to the seashore, overlooking Great Porth, looking directly into the afternoon sun.

We walked on round the pool but the only birds to be seen were Starlings, House Sparrows and Meadow Pipits. A lone Wheatear bounded along the beach.

Great Porth
I really didn't feel like walking to-day, it was my decision to return to the hotel, drink coffee and eat fudge.
Dinner at 7.30 was excellent. We both had Ham Terrine, followed by Lamb Chops and a lamb loin something or other. I had Lemon Curd Tartlet, cherries, raspberry sorbet and jus, Pam had Sticky Toffee Pudding, Vanilla Panacotta and Banoffee Ice-cream. Sounds a lot but all portions were small. As we walked out, the waitress appeared with our petit fours which we took back to our room to eat.
I decided that we would catch the early boat in the morning, walking and birding is too difficult here.
A most enjoyable experience but not one I'd be in a hurry to repeat - unless I came up on Euromillions.

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