Friday, 17 January 2014

Two days, Two Dips

Thursday January 16 

Wiveton marshes, accessible via Salthouse Heath to the Three Swallows and then a left turn towards The Bell. Despite extensive searching there was no sign of the reported Glossy Ibis. Another day...
A very pleasant walk east along the seafront, scrutinising all the rock groynes was fruitless - apart from Turnstones and Oystercatchers. It was interesting to see how well thr area is recovering after the storm surge. One cafe was boarded up, another being worked on. All the lovely paintings on the cliff wall had been largely washed off.
It was dusk when we arrived back at the P and D, near The Crown, for a last look at the rocks down below. In the gathering gloom, two Purple Sandpipers showed intermittently. They are very difficult to see against the dark rocks, even in sunlight.
These are the best I could manage.

Friday January 17th

At last, we found the way to The Mound in Waveney Forest near St Olaves. We usually watch from the bridge which is very exposed, especially to the heavy traffic whizzing close by. Similar to that dratted layby on the A9 hoping to see Ring Ouzel.
It's a pleasant walk on a forest track, we met a couple who assured us we were walking in the right direction. The Mound is well treed and the view is impeded by them. We looked for over 30 minutes, seeing one distant Buzzard and a marsh Harrier. No sign of the two Rough-legged Buzzards, The couple we met hadn't seen them either.
We tried again from the roadside the other side of the second St Olaves bridge. Again, Marsh Harrier, not even a Short-eared Owl to-day. We turned down a lunch out for this !!

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